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Local & Indiana Business Information
Jobs in the Michiana Area
Links to online postings of jobs in South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart. Includes national job sites as well.
Michiana Jobs
Features over links to large job databases such as Monster.com
Indiana's Job Bank
A huge database which can be searched by category and state, county and city.
Jammin Jobs
A job site with lisitings of thousands of jobs nationally and locally.
Project Future
Project Future acts as a catalyst between the community and prospective businesses, while working to enhance the economic environment of South Bend, Mishawaka and all of St. Joseph County, Indiana.
County Business Patterns
Provides county, state and national business data from the Economic Census taken every five years.
Stats Indiana
Assess to data files for most counties in Indiana. Includes statistics on South Bend SMA, Indiana Business Review magazine and County Profiles.
Indiana Business Research Center
Data from Indiana Workforce Development, U.S. Bureau of Census. Economic and demographic info for and about the state of Indiana.

Company Descriptions and Information

NYNEX Big Yellow
A service designed to locate businesses across the United States - - quickly and efficiently.
Fortune 500
Popular list of top 500 U.S. companies ranked by annual revenue.
Hoover's Online
Great for school reports on major U.S. Companies. Gives a concise history and current info.
Annual Reports Resource Center
Annual reports for all public companies.
PRN Company News
Company News On Call gives you the latest news from hundreds of the most exciting public and private companies. Get the full-text news minutes after it is transmitted by PR Newswire or find stories stored for as long as a year.
Survey of Current Business
Full-text of the monthly compendium of articles and statistics about state, regional and US business and economic conditions.
Thomas Register Online
Allows you to search by company, product or location. Login as sjcplref/sjcplref.

Small Business Information

Business Startup
This site allows you to search for businesses for sale. It has investment info about the nations's top franchises. Also sample business plans.
The Ed Lowe Foundation SmallbizNet
SmallbizNet is an Internet-based clearinghouse of free and low-cost information designed to support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the organizations that assist them.
Small Business Administration's Outside Resources Hotlist
List of business resources consisting of numerous interesting topics.
Quicken .com's Small Business Homepage
Has sample Marketing Plans, marketing forms, CCH Business Owner's Toolkit and Customer Satisfaction Survey .
State Small Business Profiles
Profiles small businesses in all states for 1995-1997.
Work at Home Ideas and Opportunities
This site reviews popular home business ideas and opportunities.

Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds

Bonds Online - Treasury and Savings Bonds
Compute the redemption values for a savings bond. Gives the inflation index, regulations etc.
CBS Market Watch
Industry analysis, annual financials, historical quotes back 15 years.
Electronic Commerce & Electronic Markets
Gives stats about online buying/shopping for ethnic groups.
Investing In Bonds
Provides excellent background information for anyone thinking about investing in bonds.
Investor Words/Investor Guide
User friendly glossary for investment terms. Gives quotes, news, weekly, monthly and daily commentary on the stock market.
The Motley Fool
Includes a list of the 50 best companies with historical data and information about companies financial status.
Morningstar .com
Articles and advice about mutual fund investing.
SEC Edgar
Annual reports, 10 Q's, and other reports that public companies must file with the SEC.
Hosted by MIT, this site has won many awards for excellence. Has stock charts and mutual fund charts that are updated daily, plus the most frequently graphed stocks of late.
Yahoo Stock Quotes
Get the latest stock quote, news about your favorite stock and a yearly chart.
Strong Funds
Market updates, retirement planning, 401(k) plans and the latest news.

Mortgage & Interest Rates

Mortgage Rates
Use the mortgage calculator to get mortgage rates.
Provides bank card info, mortgage rates, CD rates and various other rates for banks and credit unions.
Prime Interest Rates
Monthly prime interest rates with back dates.

General Business

The World's Richest People --Forbes
Includes an annual ranking of the world's richest people. Search by name, net worth or country.
American Demographics/Marketing Tools
Access to the full-text of American Demographics. Great for statistical information.
Better Business Bureau
Gives charity reports with pie charts for many organizations showing where their donations go.
Business Week Online
Business news, in-depth profiles of E-business companies and a list of movers and shakers in the world of E-business.
Business Wire
Retail sales for companies, corporate news including hi-tech, health and entertainment companies.
Bureau of Labor Statistics Homepage
Includes regional economic information, surveys, publications and current statistics.
The current month's Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers and Urban Wage Earners. Includes the percent increase from one year ago (the inflation rate) plus the change from previous months.
Economic Bulletin Board
Gives the current statistics for many government indicators such as the CPI, PPI, Trade and Imports/Exports.
Trends & Issues at the office and white collar industries.
Online Women's Business Center
Articles offer special advice on marketing, finance, management, technology and procurement.
Relocation Salary Calculator
Moving soon? Here is a database allows you to compute the equivalent salary you will need in your new location.
Roth IRA
Provides technical and planning info on IRA's to consumers.
Universal Currency Converter
This program, which is updated daily, converts one major currency to any other major currency.
Wall Street Journal's Money and Investing Update
Continually updated news stories from the business and financial world.