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Welcome to Michiana Free-Net

Michiana Free-Net is proud to be the first not-for-profit Internet Service and Web Hosting Provider in Indiana.

On March 26, 1996 we announced the start of our service to the Michiana community. We would like to thank Don Napoli, Executive Director of the Saint Joseph County Public Library for his support.

Through the efforts of our dedicated and talented board of directors and staff, we have continued to grow. We now have over 1,200 users, over 100 sites hosted, and links to many more. We have continued to upgrade our system to best serve the Michiana community.

The mission of the Michiana Free-Net is two-fold. Our primary goal is to promote the Michiana community by bringing together local community resources and providing a portal to the World Wide Web. Our secondary function is to provide affordable Internet services to our local area and to provide free web hositng for non-profit organizations.


1. We will provide communication tools and services

2. We will make these tools and services accessible to the area public

3. We will build awareness of shared needs and available resources through promotion, outreach, and publicity

4. We will use these tools to aid the not-for-profit community

Board of Directors

Mr. Donald Irmiger
Trinity Health Systems
Trinity Health Systems

Ms. Joyce Hug
Sacred Waters
Ms. Denise Crowel
Monkeyhouse Marketing & Design
Mr. Gene Harsanyi
Retired from the Elkhart School Corporation
Mr. Donald Napoli
St. Joseph County Public Library
Mr. Ron Schmanske
Director of Community Affiars
Elkhart Truth

Mr. Larry Rapagnani
Consultant for GramTel

For more information e-mail director@michiana.org
P.O. Box 1054
South Bend, IN 46624